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Terms & Conditions

Voyeurweb does not publish explicit pictures.

Explicit pictures/videos can be published at Redclouds.com / Homeclips.com.

Besides all the requirements stated for explicit pictures, additionally you need to have following records on file available for inspection for every explicit picture/video you submit:

The legal name and date of birth of each performer, obtained by the photographer's examination of a picture identification card.

Your records shall also include a legible copy of the identification document examined and, if that document does not contain a recent and recognizable picture of the performer, a legible copy of a picture identification card.

If you do not have those records for the explicit pictures/video you want to submit, you will violate federal US law 2257.

To be more practical: As long as you submit explicit pics/clips of yourself and your wife, you should have no problem to ID yourself and to prove your age.

When you photograph/tape any other person than your wife or your husband, you will have to to copy the person's driver licence or passport, write down the name, DoB and address of the model and keep those files for 10 years.

Additionally the law of your country of residence might require further things. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not violate the laws of your country of residence/citizenship.